Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Shopping Trip 1/10

Super Fresh : $0.74
Walgreens $3.98

Today I went shopping at Walgreens and Super Fresh and my grand total was $4.72, and received $2.50 and $2 rr back!

On my Super Fresh trip I had a coupon for $2/2 off of Bagel Bites that was mailed to me a couple months ago, and had some Bonus Bucks of $10 and $1.50 from last weeks P&G and Fruit Snacks deals. Also go to You can register your club card and pick coupons so you can have coupons without cutting! They will be taken off your total when you scan it at check out. Right now there is $1/4 on Del-monte fruit = $0.74 each.
On my Walgreens trip I used 3 rr $1 and (2) $2 from last weeks deals. I still have the $10 rr from the water deal I told you earlier last week! This is how I buy my newspapers.

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